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Those first 24 hours after launching a new Android app are excruciating!

It’s amazing how much time and effort it takes to produce a useful Android app. The countless hours of research, development and testing – and more research and more testing, is just incredible. Then when it’s all nice and working, you still have to obfuscate the code, package it, prepare the market graphics and text – and then … you let it sit for a day or two. Yes, you can’t just launch it as soon as you “think” everything is done. You have to review it a day or two later to make sure everything make sense and you haven’t made any mistakes.  After you’re happy with everything, you hit the “Publish” button and hope for the best.

And then you wait. And wait. And wait.

About the only statistics that are live in the Android Market are ratings – and you have to manually count the comments. If you’re running ads, you can count the number of impressions and the revenue, if any, that you are making with your app, but then you still have to wait for another 24-48 hours before you have any meaningful Android Market statistics – and even then, they still aren’t running live. It’s possible to embed Google Analytics in your app, which still aren’t live, but I’m not that crazy. Am I?  If I really, really, really wanted live statistics, I could embed my own statistics collector in my app, but then people might accuse me of embedding spyware – and I don’t want that!

The biggest thing for me is that the app doesn’t crash. It took many days to test and finalize the app so that it won’t crash.  It seems to be okay on Samsung Galaxy S devices, because that’s the platform that I’ve been testing it on. But what about other devices? One good thing about the Android Market, is that it collects crash statistics  and the associated error information. It also has statistics on devices on which the app is installed. I have my fingers crossed that things will go well

If you have an Android phone and you like music, please download and try my new app, Mew Media Player. Be sure to rate it in the Android Market and leave a comment too. Thanks! 🙂


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My newest app for Android: Mew Media Player

Mew Media Player redefines the music player experience by making it easier to browse your music library without the cumbersome navigation. Simple layout, flexible play order options and smart features will quickly make it your music player of choice. Try it today!

Everything you see is clickable! Be sure to view the Help Screen to fully learn about Mew’s capabilities and features – such as viewing the Genres and Compilations tabs, bringing up context menus and searching.

  • Lists songs by artists, albums, genres, compilations and playlists
  • Flexible play options – forward, reverse and shuffle
  • Shuffle songs, artists, albums, genres and playlists
  • Convenient back button allows you to go back in case you accidentally click another song
  • Tab-based search makes it easy to find music
  • Build Playlist Mode makes it easy to create and modify playlists
Android Web Market Link:

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