Android Honeycomb Emulator: Completely Unusable

I don’t know about anyone else out there in Internet land, but the Android Honeycomb emulator runs so incredibly slow on both of my computers, that it’s not even worth firing it up.  In my opinion, they should have named it Molasses.  It’s no wonder that there are only a small number of Honeycomb optimized apps in the Android Market.  Given the low probability of making any money from Android apps to begin with, why would anyone who hasn’t already made money invest a few hundred dollars on a device just to see if they can come up with a Honeycomb specific application? Is a slow emulator Google’s way of weeding out potential tablet developers? That’s just nonsense, right?

It always amazes me when Google IO presenters say something like, “…we know it’s bad, and we know it sucks for you, but it’s going to get better!” Yeah, thanks. It really makes it worth all the pain and suffering we have to go through to develop an app knowing that you’ve acknowledged that it sucks.

I had to launch the emulator three times before I could take the screen shot you see above. It froze the first time, never fully loaded the second time – and even on the third try, I saw so many errors, I really started to wonder if the thing was working right at all.

Nothing I develop is perfect out of the chute, but I’m just some guy developing apps in my spare time. I expect a lot more from a cash cow like Google that is raking in billions from ad revenue and has several thousand people on staff. Maybe I’m expecting too much.


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  1. #1 by Johann on June 19, 2011 - 7:20 am

    Google will never compare to either Apple or Microsoft when it comes to development tools and platforms. They are simply years ahead of Google. Just because you have a big name and tons of cash like Google means nothing. It took Microsoft engineers years to develop their technology that runs smooth. Don’t expect Google to reach the same level no matter how much money that throw at it.

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