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Mobile Bitworks’ Android App Progress Report

I can’t complain. Things are going well. Compared to a lot of other apps, people are downloading my apps (interest) and I am making some money from both advertising and sales. The majority of apps out there haven’t seen 50 downloads – for either their free or pay versions. I won’t be making millions, but something is better than nothing! 🙂

  • Mew Media Player – ad version: 6,400 downloads
  • Mew Media Player Pro ($1.99): 43 downloads, 33 actual purchases
  • Yellow Pad List – free, no adds:  3,000 downloads
  • Messaging Family Drama Free – ad version: 1,200 downloads
  • Messaging Family Drama Sample –  free, no ads: 500 downloads
  • Messaging Family Drama ($1.00) : 4 downloads, 2 actual purchases

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