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AndroidSpin + Article + Tweets + RT = Free Publicity!!

If you have an Android App, you definitely need to take advantage of AndroidSpin’s offer to publish an article on their Website. In addition to publishing your article, AndroidSpin Tweets about the article several times, which results in quite a number of re-Tweets by AndroidSpin’s followers. Don’t miss this opportunity to get some free publicity and spread the word about your app!

Here is the link to submit an article:

Here is the article that I wrote:


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Android App Stats: The most revealing stats of them all has some interesting stats posted on their Website about Android apps, most telling of which continues to be the graph you see below.

Here are some facts:

  • 44.7% of free apps have less than 100 downloads
  • 83.6% of paid apps have less than 100 purchases. 77.1% have less than 50 purchases
  • Only 1,032 (0.9%) paid apps have more than 5,000 purchases

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Free 7 Episode Sample of Messaging Family Drama for Android

Experience the first seven episodes of Messaging Family Drama for free! Click here for more info.

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