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Mobile Bitworks’ Android App Progress Report

I can’t complain. Things are going well. Compared to a lot of other apps, people are downloading my apps (interest) and I am making some money from both advertising and sales. The majority of apps out there haven’t seen 50 downloads – for either their free or pay versions. I won’t be making millions, but something is better than nothing! 🙂

  • Mew Media Player – ad version: 6,400 downloads
  • Mew Media Player Pro ($1.99): 43 downloads, 33 actual purchases
  • Yellow Pad List – free, no adds:  3,000 downloads
  • Messaging Family Drama Free – ad version: 1,200 downloads
  • Messaging Family Drama Sample –  free, no ads: 500 downloads
  • Messaging Family Drama ($1.00) : 4 downloads, 2 actual purchases

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Yellow Pad List for Android

Yellow Pad List is is a versatile multi-purpose application that provides the functionality of several applications. Enter notes, memos, anything lists, to-do lists, reminder lists, shopping lists, event lists, appointments and more! Optionally specify a date and time for entries. Enter your own categories to organize lists. Mark entries “complete” when done and archive before permanently deleting them. If you’re looking for a simple application to help organize your life, this is it!

Necessity is often the seed of invention – and that is definitely the case with this app. I was looking in the Android market for something uncluttered and simple to use, with the flexibility to meet a wide range of needs and couldn’t find an app that I liked. Having many apps to do many different things is great, but I couldn’t find an app that organizes information the way I like it organized – in one place and easy to access.  I  don’t want to have to use a to-do list/checklist/shopping list app and a notepad app and a calendar app – so I combined those features into one app.  I’ve been using it for the past three weeks and it’s working out great!

Give the app a try. I think you’ll like it as well. It’s free and doesn’t contain advertisements or spyware. For more screen shots, visit our Website.

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And here we are…

When I decided to develop apps for Android back in August, I really wasn’t sure what I was getting into. I read five books on Android development and everything seemed easy enough, but as most know, reading and “doing” are not always the same. I started trying some examples from the books in early September and quickly discovered that all is not as it appears.  Most of the sample code worked, but a lot of it didn’t. Troubleshooting what should be bug free code became the norm. I wasn’t totally surprised, but I was definitely disappointed.  After getting my feet wet, work began on my first app, Yellow Pad List. There were many challenges to overcome and many late nights trying to figure out how to make things work, but nothing was so complicated that it couldn’t be researched and implemented. Good thing there is all that helpful information on the Internet.  Six weeks later and my first free app is up in the Android Market.

I’m going to be honest here and say that while I’m incredibly excited to be launching a new app, I’m somewhat apprehensive about how well it will fare on all the different handsets that are out there. It works perfectly fine in the emulator and on the handsets I’ve tested, but who knows what Android quirkiness I’ve been unable to test. I’ve got my fingers crossed that things go well.

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